Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful! 

About Us

The Gold Miner's Daughter boutique mixes cowgirl and country goodness with a little pink and a lot of attitude!

We're here for the country girl wanting to look, well, girly. Call it country chic, or country girl with bling.

Located in historic Cripple Creek, Colorado, we carry things with bling, rustic goodies, and lots of originals made by store owner, Diana Wissinger, and a few others.

Meet Diana Wissinger, Store Owner

A Country Girl at Heart

I'm a country girl at heart, always have been and always will be. With that being said, there's a part of me (a huge part!) that absolutely loves feeling beautiful! I love beautiful! I appreciate the beauty of women everywhere...of all ages, of all shapes and sizes, short or tall, skinny or fluffy. I like helping women to find something special that accentuates their beauty! I believe that beautiful starts on the inside but there is something to be said about that certain goody that makes you rock it.

Growing Up in Oklahoma

I grew up in Oklahoma with three wonderful sisters and a spectacular Momma. I think I get my girly-girly love from my Mom. She absolutely loves anything that is pink or blingy!

The Extra Kick in Your Step

In opening my own store I have found that I am so passionate about helping women look their best. I enjoy watching a customer find that perfect scarf that makes their eyes "pop" or when someone finds just the pair of boots they've been dreaming of that gives 'em an extra kick in their step.

A Precious Little Girl is Born

I worked around men for years and had a houseful of boys. We had moved to North Dakota for work so my sisters were over a thousand miles away. Gosh that gets hard. No day-to-day, "how does this look, or hey do you like my new boots?" No feedback from a female point of view. Then it all changed...I had a precious baby girl. My crew of boys and our new girly addition moved to the mountains in Colorado about two years ago. I was closer to my sisters but still not there for the day-to-day, "OMG, I love that sweater or where did you get that necklace?" So that got me to thinking, there's probably a lot of women just like me. Wouldn't it be cool to have a store with all of the cutest things, where women can go and find that special something to give 'em a boost? A place to get positive feedback and make them feel beautiful! And The Gold Miner's Daughter was born.


Meet Katelynn Brown, Store Manager

“When you seek beauty in all people and in all things, you will not only find it, you will become it.” – Unknown

Finding Beauty

I love to try and find beauty in everything and in everyone, I feel like it’s something everyone should do. I have the privilege to live in a place that I don’t have to try very hard to find it. I’ve lived in Cripple Creek my entire life and every day is more beautiful than the last.

A Girly-Girl

I suppose you could say I’m a girly-girl; I’ve heard that all my life. There’s not a sheer joy that compares to when you’re confident and being the most beautiful you, you can be. It’s just like that old saying “When you look good, you feel good!” And wouldn’t you know it, that little girly-girl gets to grow up and manage a boutique in her own home town!

I Love My Job

I love my job. Not many people can say they can be true to express themselves in their work. But there’s more, I know right, how can it get better than that? I get to help others find something to express themselves as well. That’s my favorite part, when they find something that makes them “shine”, whether it be a new dress, pair of boots, accessories or whatever it is, that person can be more confident to express themselves, to feel that much more beautiful.

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